Top Reasons to Celebrate Your Sexuality When Expecting With Maternity Lingerie

We all know that sex can be very enjoyable. But it also can be beneficial to your pregnancy as well. Before digging in, you should always consult with your physician before having sex while pregnant, as certain conditions may require doctor approval first. The disclaimer out of the way, there’s ample good reason to shop for that sexy maternity lingerie during pregnancy, defined by the top reasons to retain intimacy when expecting.

Top Reasons to Celebrate Your Sexuality When Expecting with Maternity Lingerie

Reduces Stress: It is very common during a pregnancy to experience unusually high stress levels. Thankfully, nature’s greatest act, intimacy, has been shown to actually reduce stress levels and also to lower your blood pressure. Suit up in your sexiest lingerie and take your man to bed more often to combat stress.

Increase Your Immunity: When pregnant with a child, it is imperative that you maintain good health and wellbeing. If you get sick, in essence your child is also getting sick, too. According to a study conducted by Wilkes University, persons who have sex at least twice per week have higher levels of immunoglobulin A, or IgA, or increased immune system response.

Improve Self Esteem: One of the key aspects of maternity lingerie is to keep you well apprised that your body is gorgeous, even when you are six months pregnant. But did you know that having frequent sex also improves your self esteem as well? According to an ongoing study being conducted by the University of Texas, sex improves your self esteem. All the more reasons to shop for catty lingerie during the maternal process.

Sex Can Relieve Pain: Most women who are pregnant will experience a certain amount of associated pain and discomfort with the process. When you liven things up with some intimacy between you and your partner, it could serve to reduce the pain. That’s because a recent study showed that women who are more intimate with their partners demonstrated increased levels of oxytocin, a natural painkiller and pleasure endorphin that the brain emits.

Enhance Your Pelvic Muscles: Once you do give birth, it’s going to be all in hips. The stronger that your pelvic muscles are, the more proficient your pushes will be when you are in the labor room. Aside from the basic kegel that you are taught, certain sexual positions can also increase your strength in the pelvic area. Make sure you consider a few when shopping for that maternity lingerer to help instigate these exercises.

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