Toronto's Global Impact On Sports And Music, AAU Model Spilling Into The NBA And Creating Content As A Minority

On this episode, Lamb is joined by Hussein, the host of the show ‘Culture Conversations’ to talk about the impact Toronto has had in music and in sports, What makes Toronto an awesome city, What was it like seeing the Raptors win the championship in 2019, Is there an asterisk on that title for Toronto because of the injuries to the Warriors, What’s it like being a young black entrepreneur, the pressures of being a minority in the content creating space, AAU mannerisms spilling into the NBA, is that good or bad & giving Vince Carter all his flowers for the legacy he left behind for Toronto Basketball
Guest: @twingq on Instagram Checkout Hussein’s podcast ‘Culture Conversations’ https://podcasts.

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An open minded personality.. fun to be with, because of my positive vibes. God fearing, for without God I am nothing.. Moved with compassion when dealing with you, not selfish or self-centered...

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