Toxic Relationships and Need for Approval: The Perfect Storm

In this video, I explain why we don’t get acceptance from our parents and why we fall short again in other relationships. By the way, it’s not the reason you think, it’s something you may have never ever thought of, watch this video for the truth on looking for approval from others. Until you watch this video, you will be giving your power away to others and feeling lessor than and beaten down.

Why do we look to others to approve us? Beginning in our childhood, we looked up to our parents and want our parents to accept and approve of us. Many of us jumped or are still jumping through multiple hoops with our parents to get their approval. We may play sports, work hard to get good grades, and basically be the child we feel that they want. Some of us get our parent’s approval but most of us do not.

In an effort to gain approval, we look toward others to get what we didn’t get from our parents. As we get older and begin to have romantic relationships, we find ourselves looking toward that person to give us approval. We do things for them, essentially jumping hoops, to get them to “see” our value and ultimately approve of us. Many of us find ourselves in toxic relationships because of the need for approval, and it can be difficult to find our way out because we are looking for our approval in the wrong place, actually within the wrong person.

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