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SHOW LESSHappy Thanksgiving to you all!  We hope you enjoyed the food, health and joy of the holiday even if you weren’t able to spend it with those who are outside of your circle right now.  Just remember, if you need to make room for your dessert just do your prescribed warm up and you’ll be all good 😉  Well, to start the show off right, Lucious, Lamar and Clyde reveal what their favorite Thanksgiving dishes are…Can they be invited to y’alls tables???  After we figure out who we are having dinner with, let’s chat about what is the criteria for achieving G.O.A.T status.  As we take a break to make room for that pie, the guys share some of their ideas for managing the longer break some of the programs are experiencing as student-athletes are NOT returning after Thanksgiving.  Lastly, as we top of our pie with soem whipped cream or ice cream, let’s talk about the return of the dual/tri/quad meet schedule.  If it comes back into play, would the perception of collegiate track and field change?  Let’s talk about it as we get into our comfy pants!    After Lucious licks his plate 😉 he jumps into the hot seat for Rapid Fire!  Are we about to learn too much about Coach?!  Guess you’ll have to find out! As always, thanks for joining us and from all of us at Athletics LLC, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

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