Twitter Freaks Out Over Elon Musk Hosting Saturday Night Live!

Elon Musk is rocketing into the world of comedy!

On May 8, the 49-year-old billionaire will take over the Saturday Night Live stage for the first time. The Tesla CEO will also be joined by Miley Cyrus, who will serve as the musical guest. Ch-ch-check out the announcement (below):

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Since the big announcement, there has been some backlash on social media as many felt confused by the NBC sketch series controversial choice. One person wrote:

“Why does Elon think he’s funny? Like who told him he was funny? He’s the least funniest person that i can think of.”

Another shared:

“Elon Musk hosting SNL is the most reckless casting decision they’ve made since Donald Trump.”

In case you’re not caught up on your SNL history, the SpaceX founder is the third business entrepreneur to host the show, as Trump took charge in 2015 and New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner helmed the stage in 1990. The more ya know. Then, there was this social media user who concisely put all of our thoughts into one tweet:

“Why the f**k is Elon Musk hosting snl what has society come to.”

Then, many wanted the show to retract their statement and bring on Miley to just super host.

“Cancel this episode now. Just delete the post, say it was a funny joke, have Miley do double duty and never entertain an idea so horrendously stupid again.”

But despite the naysayers, some people have come out of the woodwork to support Musk.

“Awesome. I don’t usually watch snl because it’s boring. I’m totally gonna watch it this time because of Elon.”

Ch-ch-check out some reactions (below):

[Image via Brian To/WENN]

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