Types Of Contraception That Don’t Require Money – Are They Safe?

The issue of birth control has always been a big one because the urge to have sex is a very natural one. Humans have always looked to ways to prevent pregnancies from occurring for a variety of reasons and not necessarily because they are in an illicit relationship. Many married couples take great pains to try out different types of contraception because they simply do not want to conceive a child until they are ready to take on the responsibility of raising one in the right manner.

There are many types of contraception available today and people choose them base upon convenience, reliability or cost. While certain birth control methods use hormones and others use barriers, there are also certain other methods that are used by couples because they are absolutely free. You may feel tempted to use these methods because you feel that wearing a condom or remembering to eat birth control pills is a major headache. It is a good idea to find out about these types of contraception before you consider using them because they have plenty of drawbacks.

One popular method of contraception is the withdrawal method. This method is also known as coitus interrupts and it depends on the man entirely because he has to withdraw just before he ejaculates so that sperm is not sent into the vaginal tract. This method gives a very erroneous feeling of safety because a man keeps releasing small amounts of sperm during the sexual act itself. All it takes is one sperm for you to become pregnant and indeed, there is a great chance of this happening if you have sex during your fertile period.

Many people also follow the rhythm method. This method involves keeping track of your monthly cycle so that you can time sex to avoid the fertile period. This method is notoriously unreliable because very few people have menstrual cycles that last exactly 28 days. In fact, this method invariably results in pregnancies that the couple is not prepared for.

These types of contraception are so flawed that people are now moving away from them. The only people who practice them regularly are those who do so because of religious restrictions. You will find these methods to be very troublesome because you will invariably be worried every month until your menstrual cycle starts.

You deserve to follow one of the types of contraception that offer you better guarantees of success. That will enable you to have a better and more satisfactory love life. There are many modern options of birth control that you could choose from, with some of them offering you the added benefit of freedom from sexually transmitted diseases. Most of them are quite inexpensive because they can be used for long periods. Have a talk with your doctor regarding the methods that you could use so that you can have sex without the fear of getting pregnant. The so called free methods are certainly not safe and should be abandoned immediately.

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