U.S. Marine Corps uses MRZR tactical warfighter as mobile command vehicle

The U.S. Marine Corps shared his experience with the use of the light, all-terrain platform as a mobile command post and communication vehicle. 

According to a press release from 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit released on Sunday, the use of the MRZR (Military RZR) all-terrain vehicle enhances the mobility of communication capabilities.

The vehicles are agile, narrow and can easily traverse terrain which other vehicles cannot which is an ideal advantage for highly mobile forces on the modern battlefield.


The newest and lightest command post designed to provide increased mobility, range and command and control for light forces.

Special Polaris’ MRZR platform equipped with baseline package that includes radios capable of voice and data Radio Cross Banding, Friendly Force Situational Awareness; tactical messaging; and Full Motion Imagery while at the halt.

MRZR is made for mission versatility with 500 lb of rear box capacity, auxiliary power, and cargo tie-down points with seating for up to 6.

Polaris said the vehicle is designed to be as expeditionary as the soldiers who count on them, MRZR models feature aircraft tie-downs and a folding roll cage.

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