Ukraine in talks to buy 5.56mm assault rifles

Ukrainian Armed Forces are in advanced talks with an unnamed European defense contractor about a possible purchase of a batch of 5.56mm caliber assault rifles, according to a source in the Czech defense industry.

Ukrainian Army reportedly looks to buy modern assault rifles chambered for NATO 5.56x45mm ammunition with the possibility of further licensed production in Ukraine along with a line for the production of ammunition.

The possible deal, which covers a batch of 5.56x45mm caliber weapons (rifles on AR-15 platform), has an estimated value of $2 million.


The assault rifle will weigh 3.26kg and integrates a removable carrying handle and rail mounting for installing optical sights and other auxiliary devices according to customer needs.

The modular design makes it easy to replace various components: butt, handguard, pistol grip and other attachments, thus adjusting the rifle for ease of use.

It was expected that the NATO standard rifle will completely replace the Kalashnikov AK family of rifles that currently in service of the Ukrainian Army.

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