University of Florida Asks Students To Use App To Report Professors Who Don’t Teach In Person

jyosim writes: Professors at the University of Florida are outraged that the university essentially put a “tattle” button on a campus safety app that lets students report if professors aren’t teaching in person. Apparently more than 100 professors there have asked to teach online for health reasons but have been denied, and administrators worry that they’ll just teach online anyway. Professors feel the app is akin to a “police state.” “The university spokesperson said that administrators had heard that some professors ‘would simply refuse to teach an in person class if that’s what they were supposed to be doing,’ so they added the feature, which rolled out this week as spring classes began,” reports EdSurge. An email was sent to all students on Monday that encouraged them to use the app if they saw any ‘inconsistencies’ in course delivery.”

In response, Daniel A. Smith, chair of the university’s political-science department, wrote in a letter: “Emulation of police states is not a good look for a university devoted to the education of democratic citizens. What sort of message does this send to our students?” On Twitter, professor Lisa S. Scott said she was “more than a little disturbed” by the move, adding, “@UF do better. We’ve been working our asses off for you through all of this.”

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