US politics live updates: Democrats promise Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is coming ‘soon’ as Joe Biden readies executive order blitz

Question time!

You say that Biden will be trying to pass COVID relief measures in the Senate once he’s sworn in, but don’t Democrats now control both houses? Is anything really going to be a challenge?

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In the House, it’ll breeze through. Democrats have a comfortable majority there.

But in the Senate, things get much more difficult. And that’s because of a thing called the filibuster. If you want a deep dive into what it is, go here. But basically, it means that for most BIG stuff in the Senate, Democrats will need 60 votes. Biden’s COVID-19 relief package is one of those BIG things (as would be plans to add Supreme Court judges, grant DC statehood etc).

One Senate Democrat, Joe Manchin has already expressed issues with Biden’s plan. As have several Republicans. So it’s not going to be smooth sailing through the Senate, even though Democrats have a one-vote majority. But Biden expected this, and part of his campaign pitch was that he was going to be able to work with Republicans to get stuff done. He’s about to get his first major test.

Hi Peter, can we please have an update on whether antifa has been proven to be involved in the riots. Thanks.


Absolutely zero evidence. This is a conspiracy theory. It’s just not true. The people who have been arrested and charged with allegedly participating in the attacks have left long trails of documented evidence of their support for Donald Trump and other online conspiracy theories.

In his speech on the floor of Congress, Republican House Majority Leader and key Trump ally Kevin McCarthy said the same.

“Some say the riots were caused by antifa. There is absolutely no evidence of that,” McCarthy said. “Conservatives should be the first to say so.”

Hi Pete! How will Biden receive the nuclear codes if Trump is absent at the inauguration? Doesn’t Trump have to be there to and them over?


You’re right that the “nuclear football“, the briefcase that follows the President wherever they go, is normally handed off from one President to the other.  But there are already three “footballs”. One that goes with the President, one with the VP, and another that stays at the White House.

So Biden will get one of those as his first “football”, because the presidential one will be with Trump in Florida until it returns to Washington DC. The nuclear codes that Trump carries on a card, known as the “biscuit”, won’t work the moment Joe Biden is sworn in anyway.

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