VIDEO PREMIERE: Twin pop duo ROOUE tackle abusive relationships on ‘Bad Blood’

Dublin-based pop duo ROOUE – made up of twin sisters Ro and Lou – have rapidly established themselves as one of the most exciting emerging acts on the Irish scene

Through their signature blended harmonies and diverse counter melodies, ROOUE have drawn inspiration from the likes of NAO, Banks and Lennon Stella. Previous track ‘Flavour’ captured a disco dance feel, with their debut, ‘What You Want’, providing a more old-school ’00s vibe.

ROOUE brought their sound to thrilling new heights on their latest single, ‘Bad Blood’, released last month, with the accompanying video going live today.

Hot Press are delighted to premiere the powerful visuals, which take ROOUE on a change of pace. Still, the pair remain true to their connection with music and to each other.

“Bad Blood is about facing the realisation that a relationship has become unhealthy,” twins Ro and Lou tell Hot Press.

“This song describes the stages of denial. The premise of this song poses the question, are the issues in the relationships fixable or do they deep root into the partner’s blood?”

“We wanted this video to represent the stages of a unhealthy and abusive relationship,” ROOUE add.

“We worked on having a clean cut look but with hints of blood and abuse. The reoccurring symbolism of darkness and blood tells the viewer that there is something transpiring within the story being told. The metaphors and blood symbol represents that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to what people show in a relationship.”

The video features plenty of dramatic black-and-white lighting, smoky ambient scenes and clips of Ro and Lou looking empowered and ready for a showdown.

Check out the visceral visuals for ‘Bad Blood’ below:

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