Wanda Sykes Isn’t Getting A Divorce And Shows Ellen The Proof

Wanda Sykes is shutting down rumours.

On Thursday, the comedian appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and after talking about getting her 11-year-old twins to shovel snow, she addressed rumours she’s getting divorced.

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DeGeneres asked about a blind item story claiming that “an A-list lesbian comedian is getting divorced, not Ellen.”

“Everything’s good here. It is definitely not us,” Sykes said. “You’re making me a little nervous though, maybe I should go follow her on Instagram, see what she’s yappin’ about.”

Sykes has been marred to wife Alex since 2008.

She added as proof, “As a matter of fact, we were just talking about getting a new mattress… You don’t invest in a new mattress if you… you know.”

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Sykes also talked about her new movie “Breaking News in Yuba County” and the inspiration for her character’s look.

She told the production team, “I want it to be where she was really into that Salt-N-Pepa look. But she just couldn’t get it right.”

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