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I know we all shop a lot, be it shopping from our fav brands or street shopping we all find something to buy, but still when we have to step out why is it always like we have nothing to wear.

So many of you must have seen, read or hear of this, like basic staples in your wardrobe. But here’s my version of this list according to changing fashion and styles. Also, a list to make your wardrobe a complete one excluding the basics, because you know that right? I have previous blogs on basics as well, so you can read that.

So without any further blabbering, Let’s start with our list to keep our style authentic yet up-to-date.

  • Long Skirt: Now you must be thinking is it necessary to own a long skirt, doesn’t it look good on a particular type of body? Babe, NO! Long skirts are the most fashionable, trendy yet comfortable piece you can own. You can go chic, casual or formal with it. Trust me you need it.
I promise you give you nicer pictures of this outfit
  • 2.A cute over-sized sweatshirt: Yes, you read it right! Want to go out with your friends: Over-sized Sweatshirt. Going on a movie date and wondering what to wear: Over-sized Sweatshirt. Running errands but want to look cute?: Over-sized Sweatshirt and I swear I can go onnnn! You will bless your wardrobe if you invest in a good sweatshirt.
  • 3.Trousers: Okay, I cannot stress enough on this. You NEED a good pair of trousers because they just suddenly make you feel like “one sangria or a cosmopolitan”, You get me naa that expensive look. If you don’t own one, add it your wishlist. Also, buy a nice one!
I purposely paired them together. But look at bralet naa. They look sooo good!
  • 4.A chic Bralet: I can hear voices but bro, Bralet is not my style or I don’t think I can carry it. Let me tell you sweetie, Bralet is the most versatile and feminine piece of clothing you can own. No matter what they will always make you look good. Pair them with trousers or lehenga or just with denim. THEY ALWAYS LOOK GOOD, ALWAYS! Well, will you like a blog ” different ways to style your bralet”, let me know in the comments below.
Bralet really looks good. Don’t they?
  • 5.Jeans: And you thought I won’t mention it! I have always said this and will keep saying it till I die. A good pair of denim can change the whole game. Now you can read my previous blogs because I have mentioned about it a lot.
  • 6.Summer dress: Yes a summer dress, they make you feel cute. Who doesn’t want that feeling.
  • 8.Bodysuit: Okay, I don’t know if somebody told you this or not but you must own a bodysuit. They tend to give your body a structure and thus look amazing. I know you always a top as complimentary gift when you’re shopping. This time for me ditch your top and buy bodysuit. Thank me later 😛
  • 9.A classic dupptta: Your wardrobe is craving for a classic dupptta I swear. If there’s traditional wear, you must wear a dupptta. Don’t go shopping for this, somethings you can search in your mom’s wardrobe ;)
  • 10.Kurta/Kurta Set: Well last but not the least, a Kurta or a complete Kurta set. You can never have a complete wardrobe if you don’t own a classic kurta. It’s important, I mean it!. Check this out: https://allthings1.fashion.blog/2020/03/07/confessions-of-my-indian-wear/

Rest is black & white tshirt/shirts, slogan tshirt, denim shorts/skirts, white bottoms and ah many more. But you know this alreay right?

Also, I have tried to show you essentials more pleasing in my pictures. So if you feel like oh you wore it that and paired with something amazing. You don’t need that trust me. Also, if you think I have missed out on anything let me know. Thanks for reading. I hope you’re taking something with you from here.

Lots of Love


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