Watch: How To Make Kutchi Dabeli – Popular Street Food Of Gujarat And Mumbai – From The Scratch (Recipe Video)


  • Dabeli is one popular street food in Gujarat and Mumbai.
  • It is also referred to as Kutchi dabeli.
  • We bring a recipe that will help you prepare Kutchi dabeli from scratch.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that street foods play a significant role in defining the food culture of India. If you explore, there’s no dearth of street foods across the country. They are spicy, flavourful and extensive to the core. In fact, every region has a wide range of unique street-style dishes to offer. From chaats to rolls and kebab – there’s no end to the long list of these yummy delights. One such lip-smacking food item is dabeli. Popular in both Mumbai and Gujarat, dabeli in Gujarati stands for ‘pressed’. It is basically a desi sandwich which is made by mixing boiled potatoes, special dabeli masala and stuffing them within ladi pav. It is generally served with a chatpata tamarind chutney, roasted peanuts and pomegranate. It is said that the most authentic dabeli masala is made in Kutch region of Gujarat; hence this dish is also referred to as Kutchi dabeli.

The popularity of dabeli goes beyond the region; so much so that today it is easily available in almost every pav bhaji joint in your town. But if you plan to prepare it at home, then we have a recipe that will help you whip up authentic street-style dabeli from scratch.

Shared by vlogger Parul Jain on her YouTube channel Cook With Parul, this recipe video demonstrates the preparation of dabeli masala, roasted peanuts, chutney et al. Let’s find out.


How To Make Dabeli Masala | Dabeli Masala Recipe:

Making dabeli masala at home is a super easy affair. All you need to do is dry roast coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, cumin, black peppercorn, cloves, black cardamom, star anise, white sesame, bay leaf, dry red chilli, desiccated coconut and mix with Kashmiri red chilli powder, black salt, amchoor powder and salt. Now blend everything together and mix some groundnut oil to it. And a bowl of spicy dabeli masala is ready in no time.

How To Make The Aloo Masala For Dabeli | Aloo Masala Recipe:

Heat oil in a pan and cook boiled and mashed potato with dabeli masala. Then add meethi chutney, salt, desiccated coconut, masala peanuts, onion, coriander leaves, sev and pomegranate to it. This aloo masala will surely add a burst of flavours to your palate.

How To Make Laal Chutney | Laal Chutney For Dabeli Recipe:

For this chutney, you need to blend garlic, Kashmiri red chilli powder, roasted peanuts, salt, lemon juice and groundnut oil together in a chutney blender. Trust us, this recipe is as simple as it sounds.

How To Make Roasted Peanuts | Roasted Peanuts Recipe:

All you need to do is roast peanuts and mix with some dabeli masala and oil. These roasted peanuts can also be enjoyed as a standalone snack.


Now assemble everything together and enjoy Mumbai’s street-style dabeli at home.

Find Here The Complete Recipe Video Of Kutchi Dabeli:

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