We as Gen-Z refuse to believe in spiritual healings and all. But why do the people who are aware and educated with highest degree still choose to believe in astrology? : Nepal

Forget phd…why are world elite into stuff like this? Freemasonry, Illuminati blah blah..These grps have 6 million members worldwide; members that are highly educated, powerful and wealthy.

Bbc news had an article about them; mentioning about their secret rituals, having some sort of worship master, meeting 4 times per year in their temple which they call lodge, wearing ancient types aprons.

Heck, even CIA had published a document about the bloodlines of the Illuminati, those ’12-13 families that were blessed by satan’ to imitate God.

Why are extremely educated/powerful folks saying there is no such stuff as spirituality yet an equally powerful group of folks are behaving like its the ancient mid age??

Ppl like u n i, we don’t know enough science nor spirituality to debate on either matter. All we can do is study someone else knowledge/wisdom and nod our head, not even knowing enough to agree/disagree.

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