We The Commas talk “The RZN,” George Floyd, the civil unrest, their music, healing, and more

By Jay Rich
Hip-HopVibe.com Staff Writer

Music is really a lot of things, it’s a form of art, a form of entertainment, form of recreation, and a form of therapy. This is why there are so many forms of music, which exist. With so many genres, and each genre’s sub-genre, music is blending.

These genre-blending acts opened doors for guys like We The Commas to have a solid run, in the game. This trio turned heads, when they dropped their single, “The RZN,” following the George Floyd murder. It was a moment in US history, which served as a turning point.

We The Commas recently took the time out to speak to Hip-HopVibe.com, for an On The Rise interview. The trio spoke on their music and the civil unrest. These guys are creatives, who truly believe they make some of the best music out there, and they told all about it.

Read the entire interview below:

With so much civil unrest going on, what is your take on what took place at the US Capitol?

BAND: We think it’s really sad and we need to take time as a country to try to come together and work as a team for a better future.

The media has pointed out the differences in how law enforcement handled those protesters, as opposed to how the BLM protesters were handled. In your opinion, what will it take to bring about real change?

BAND: We need to learn how to understand different people’s perspectives, listen more and attack less.

Always good music is a way to raise awareness, so what level of impact do you all see your music having on the 2021 landscape?

BAND: Music has always been a way for artists to express themselves in the most authentic and vulnerable form. We hope as a band that the message we convey in our songs resonates with people and can even help them get through tough times. 2021 is going to be a year filled with music from the commas! Stay tuned!!!

Your single, “The RZN,” was written after the George Floyd murder. Can you all describe the emotions running through all of you, during that period of time?

Lenny: I was anxious, sad and a bit scared. Things like this happen way too much and have been happening for a long time, but this hit so close to home because I’m not a child anymore and these things are happening to men who are not so different from me.

Cam: Immediately following the murder of George Floyd, I found myself hopeless, disturbed and enraged. How many more times do we have to keep reliving this narrative of an innocent black man being murdered by the police?

Jordon: I was heartbroken when I saw the video. I’m hopeful for a future that these acts of injustice cease to exist.

Since there is now new brass in charge, in the US Capitol, from the presidency to the Senate, what changes would you like to see enacted?

Band: We want what is best for Americans no matter who the brass is

How do you all see yourselves being the change in which you want to see?

Jordon: We are going to continue to release music with a positive message.

Lenny: We want to share our personal experiences through music and always be a positive light by never adding to the hate in this world.

Cam: Our music will always be a safe place for people to come and feel vulnerable. We hope to create genuine and relatable music that ultimately helps people realize they aren’t alone with their thoughts or feelings.

Where can fans find you on social media?

BAND: Follow us @wethecommas on all socials!

Watch “The RZN” by We The Commas below:

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