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What is Sex Therapy? Whenever you are low in confidence or life, you need therapy from your friends, family, colleagues, husband, wife, or anybody else. Sometimes these people can give you solutions and help you uplift yourself from your problems by providing appropriate solutions by simply giving a talk. 

The same goes with sex therapists, aka in sex therapy. Sex therapists are to understand the deep-rooted problems which affect your sex life. It could be related to your medical, psychological, personal, or interpersonal factors. The goal of sex therapy is ultimately to resolve the physical and emotional challenges couples and partners face in their lives. 

Many men have sex problems in their life, and it impacts not just them but indirectly their partners; because of this, there are many cases of separation, cheating, divorces, unhappy marriages, and compromising marriages. To lead a happy sexual life, a sex therapist guides couples in removing the blockages in their behavior and emotional intimacy to have better performance and more pleasure during their intercourse. 

Why do people have SEX Therapy?

People suffer from performance anxiety after marriage, not having a desire for sex, low confidence during intercourse, not able to satisfy their partner correctly, and not being able to perform during their special night. All these issues lead people to only one place, which is Gupt Rog Visheshagya, sexologist or Sex therapist. 

Sometimes they want to work out their relationship with their partner. There are cases where everything regarding finances, communication, and other aspects of marriages is working well between the couple and their sex life; this area is where they have challenges and want an expert to give their advice. Sexual dysfunction is quite common these days because of the fast-paced life and new stressors in your environment; some of the sexual dysfunctions can be. 

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low Libido
  • Lack of Interest
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Low Confidence
  • Lack of Response to Sexual Stimulus
  • Inability to Reach Orgasm
  • Excessive Libido
  • Inability to Control Sexual Behavior
  • Distressing Sexual Thoughts
  • Unwanted Sexual Fetishes

What happens in SEX Therapy?

First of all, you would not be getting any practical exposure on how to do sex with your partner. Secondly, your clothes will remain on, including the Doctor’s. People have so many myths about sex therapists that they will ask you to remove your clothes or tell them how to do sex. Supposedly, if the couple goes to a sexologist doctor and they start over any issues on sexual behavior, just for your information, the sexologist will not pick the sides. It will only give you solutions to work on as a team. 

So the question is, exactly what will they do? They are simply going to ask certain questions related to your sexual life and try to find out the root cause of your sexual problem and diagnose the issue by providing you with a solution. 

The therapy you receive from the Doctor is educational, an eye opener for you and your partner, and supports your sexual life. In severe cases, you may get medicines too. Therapy sessions are confidential, which means the names of the patients are totally hidden. You can see yourself also but if your problem is affecting your partner, then you must come along with your partner to see a sexologist. A sex therapist will explore your problems when you are sharing your experiences and will give you a relevant reason to understand why you are facing a particular challenge in your sexual life. 

You can also expect homework from a sex therapist to improve your sex life. It could be practical activities that clients are expected to complete in the privacy of their own homes. For example, it could be

Experimentation – role-playing or using sexual toys to boost their desire. Other couples may need to change their sexual routine or positions, especially if one partner has a health condition that requires such changes.

Sensate focus – This technique for couples is designed to build trust and intimacy along reducing anxiety. Couples progress through three stages, which will be starting with nonsexual touching, progressing to genital touching, and, usually, ending with penetration.

Education – Sometimes, patients do not receive proper sex education while they are growing up. As a result, they may not be aware of how the body functions during sexual activity. Therapists might assign movies, books or web content to read or videos to watch. They might also suggest that clients use a mirror to learn more about their bodies.

Communication Strategies. Clients may practice keeping the requirement by asking for what they want or need sexually or emotionally in a relationship.

Success with sex therapy often depends on how patient commitment. If patients are willing to put in the effort, either alone or with a partner, they may reach their sexual goals.

What are the benefits of sex therapy?

Sex therapy can benefit the following people:

  • Trauma survivors from sexual abuse are primarily in cases of rape, kidnappings, and trafficking. They are forcing sex upon someone who does not want it to not legally not old enough to give consent in forming a sexual relationship. This kind of activity can have a long-lasting impact on the person’s mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • Adults with little or no sexual experience, in such cases, either the person has been involved very little in the sexual activity and has less knowledge on improvising his sexual life. Moreover, there is a constant fear of forming relationships with partners.
  • Men having conditions such as erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation have problems with self-confidence, performance issues, and other diseases that can lead them to impotence. 
  • Women having conditions such as vaginismus or pelvic floor dysfunction
  • People having body dysmorphia, anxiety, or fears related to sex intimacy are widespread; usually, in such cases, people are disconnected from their bodies and are not able to understand their needs and requirements of it. They may feel ashamed of their own body, and self-criticism is an exceptionally high and unreal expectation from themselves at their peak.
  • Having a physical disability doesn’t erase the fact of sexuality and desire for sexual feelings. People with physical disabilities have their concerns related to finding partners, their sexual ability or performance, how their body moves or works, can they have children or not, and last but not least, the discrimination they face. 

How does it help you experience better sex? 

Sex therapy is beneficial for both individuals and couples to gain a realistic understanding of sexual pleasure, identify and understand the root causes of sexual issues, expand their knowledge of their sexual health and form a deeper connection with themselves and their partners. 

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