What Sexual Position Results in a Son? I’ll Tell You

I get a lot of emails from women who want to give their partner a son.  And many of these moms-to-be want advice on which sexual positions best accomplish this.  I’m often asked for “the best position to use to conceive a boy,” but the truth is that there’s no answer that will work for everyone.  You have to consider the height, weight, and build of both you and your partner, but there are several positions from which to chose.  I’ll discuss this more in the following article.

The Dynamics That Makes This Important In The First Place:  Many people know that sexual positions play a role in your baby’s gender or sex, but not nearly as many know why.  The sperm chromosomes have different attributes that allow you to manipulate which (X or Y) get the the egg first.  Y sperm produces boy babies and it is unfortunately weaker than the X sperm that produces girls.

At first glance, this may seem like a disadvantage but the good news is that there are pretty easy and cheap things that you can do to counter what mother nature intended.  Your goal is to set it up to give the Y’s the best chance, while countering the strength of the X’s.  One way to do this is to give the Y’s less of a difficult trip – both in terms of distance and time.  That’s where sexual positions come into play.  Some give a shorter trip and some give a longer trip.  If you wanted a girl baby, you’d want shorter travels, but that’s not your scenario.  In fact, you want the speediest, least difficult excursion that you can manage.

Sexual Positions That Are Best For A Son: So let’s get to it then.  For a boy conception, you need a short, easy, trip.  It’s deep penetration that’s going to provide this.  So, which sexual positions fit this scenario? There are several but which works best for you and your partner is going to depend on the factors that I discussed above.  However, the most common positions that work for this are rear entry penetration (the man in the back), spooning, and placing a pillow under your hips and placing yourself on the edge of the bed (or other piece of furniture).  Many people think that the missionary position allows for shallow penetration and this is true if you use it in the traditional way.  However, if you place your legs around your partners shoulders or neck, this position can achieve quite deep penetration.  Experiment with works best before you actually try to conceive.

It’s advisable that you do whatever you need to do to achieve an orgasm because these fluids make your vagina more alkaline (I’ll discuss why this is so important below.)

Is Sexual Positions Alone Enough To Get You A Son Or Boy Child?:  I don’t believe that it is, although it’s a great start.  The truth is, using intercourse positioning alone does nothing to diminish the numbers of the X sperm.  It’s only given the Y sperm an easier time.  You also need to get rid of as many X’s as you can, since these little gals are stronger. How do you do this? There are two ways.

First, you’ll want to have timing on your side. You want to wait until after you ovulate.  You can not move too early because you want to give the girl sperm time to die off (which takes quite a while.)  Get a very good ovulation predictor and wait until you get a positive (not a faint line or a questionable screen if you’re using a saliva predictor.) Wait until there is no question that you’re getting a positive reading.

Another thing that you want to do is to make the vaginal tract friendly to the Y’s or boy producing sperm.  An acidic PH is an enemy to these little fellows. Use a PH tester to see if you’re acidic or alkaline (there’s usually a chart that comes with it to tell you.)  If your PH is too high, you can lower it by consuming low PH or alkaline foods and or by using douches. (Orgasms help with this too, as discussed above.)

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