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Who is the Holy Spirit and How Does He Work Part 5

Ep. 150

Hello ladies – here’s the final part! This time – SJ and Sharryn discuss to answer this question – I’ve been a christian for so many years. I’ve never seen like it in my church. What does that mean? Does that my church is not led by the spirit? What does he mean when the anglican does not have it?

We have Sharryn Ludlow joining us for the entire series. Sharryn is a mentor to many, we’ve had her on the show a few times now and Sharryn runs a business called Grace & Confidence.

Grace and Confidence is on a mission to equip and mobilise emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders who have the ideas and desires to do big things with God but need the strategies combined with the faith environment to make it happen.

There was one session on Saturday at the CWIB Community Conference that we are going to discuss in today’s episode.

This is a great opportunity to share with you everything in context, we are so happy to see all the questions that people have got from it, as it’s stirred people hearts and minds and got them thinking!!!

This is the fifth part of 5 ♥

Have a listen!

Much love,


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An open minded personality.. fun to be with, because of my positive vibes. God fearing, for without God I am nothing.. Moved with compassion when dealing with you, not selfish or self-centered...

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