Why Do Guys Kiss Aggressively

Kissing is a sign that shows how connected you are with someone. But aggressive kissing has so many meaning and interpretation to it. So, if you are interested in knowing the reason behind why do guys kiss aggressively, kindly read this article as it tends to give give you the actual reason why guys kiss aggressively.


Why Do Guys Kiss Aggressively


  1. May be because you offended him.
  2. They might not be in the mood for it.
  3. Sometimes, he might be seriously in need of sexual satisfaction with you.
  4. He might not be a friendly type.
  5. He may just want to piss you off.
  6. He might be in his peak of ejaculation.
  7. He might think you are enjoying it.


  • May be because you offended him.

Some guys may choose to kiss their woman aggressively simply because, they are not happy with that person. Maybe you offended him as a woman and for him to show you how much he is being hurt, he might choose to kiss you aggressively.

This differs from other guys, some does it while some doesn’t. So if you find out that your man is kissing you aggressively, and he had not being doing that before, simply ask him what’s wrong and try to find out the reason behind his actions.


  • They might not be in the mood for it.

Some guys may kiss you aggressively because, they are not in the mood for kissing as at that time. Maybe, he wants to relax or he is busy with some issues and he doesn’t want to reject kissing you so that you won’t get angry, he will then like to kiss you aggressively.

Lack of concentration can make a guy to kiss his woman in an aggressive manner. So if your guy is not that type of person and you notice such in his kissing pattern, just examine it and understand his mood switch.


  • Sometimes, he might be seriously in need of sexual satisfaction with you.

This is another reason a guy can kiss aggressively. He might be urgy and seriously in need of sexual intimacy, so for him to get what he wants, he will prefer to kiss you aggressively so that you won’t be able to resist him . Sometimes he might not control his feelings any longer and it happened. So some guys kiss aggressively because they are horny and need a sexual satisfaction with you.

Why Do Guys Kiss Aggressively

  • He might not be a friendly type

They are some people who are not friendly to their lover. It is how they are and how they behave, they don’t kiss aggressively because they hate you but because it’s their nature.

So, some guys kiss aggressively due is something they can do better. It’s part of them. Take time to examine your man from the beginning to know if he is that type or if he just changed all of a sudden. You can as well change it if you can, but if you cannot, just take it like that. It might be their nature.


  • He may just want to piss you of.

Again, some guys also kiss aggressively because they want to scare you away from them. Maybe they doesn’t love you or care for you, instead they just need sexual satisfaction from you. So this might be one of the reasons he is kissing you aggressively. You can ask questions about him from his female friends or close friends to know if he is like that.


  • He might be in his peak of ejaculation

This is also a major reason for him to be kissing you aggressive. Maybe he is about to release sperm during the point of ejaculation. So, this reason tells if he is kissing you aggressively because if it’s pleasure or he just want to punish you. At times, some kiss so hard and serious when he is about to ejaculate after which he calms down and muttered a butterfly and smooth kiss.


  • He might thought you are enjoying it.

Some guys may kiss aggressively due to he might think you are enjoying it that way. Maybe he had been hearing about aggressive kiss and Maybe he thought of giving it to his woman so as to try if she enjoys it too. So it’s left for you to tell him if you don’t like it. 


What does it mean when a guy kisses you forcefully?

  • It shows that they guy is a very excited.
  • It also shows that a guy is selfish on bed.
  • It can also tell you that the guy will drive a hell out of you when he rides you.

What does it mean if a guy can’t stop kissing you?

If he can’t stop kissing, it’s either he is too excited or that his very seduce, because men always kiss non-stop when they are seduce, so it is left for you to control him or ride on with him.


“Why Do Guys Kiss Aggressively”

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