Why Meghan’s Kids Book Debut Is An Insult

The hits just keep coming when it comes to Meghan Markle and her quest for world domination. With the recent announcement she has written a children’s book inspired by her son, Archie, and husband, Prince Harry, it feels like a punch in the gut for struggling and emerging writers of all ethnicities. While a lot of people are wondering why there a massive fuss being made about this privileged woman having a book printed, they simply don’t understand how much work it takes to be a writer and to actually succeed. It’s essentially an insult. As a blogger and amateur screenwriter, my creative juices are something I wouldn’t normally talk about.

However, in the wake of the upcoming of The Bench, I thought I’d highlight how difficult it for people like me to be successful when rich individuals push to the front of the line without any form of consideration which to those of us struggling, it’s a huge insult.

The domain name of Project Fangirl, which is cjhawkings.com was activated in 2017 and was intended to be a platform to attract freelance jobs. When that didn’t work out, I converted it to a productivity blog. I then lost interest and for six months I didn’t touch it. After some serious thought, I decided to go back to it and the website you all know and love today was born.

However, since I started the domain, it has been a constant battle to keep the site afloat with the rising cost of web hosting. I had to change web hosts because of the price. Instead of paying yearly, I pay every two years. The domain, however, I have to pay yearly which is fine because it’s cheap. However, it’s keeping the website live that is the most expensive part.

The Rich Step On Those Who Are Struggling

Now, the massive insult is that struggling writers like myself are constantly being rejected and told we’re not good enough for a certain publication. However, the rich like the constantly complaining Meghan Markle was put at the front of the line for having her children’s book published. Why? Because she’s rich and was given an advance. According to the Herald Sun, rumours have been spiralling that the alleged advancement was close to a million Australian dollars.

Then there’s the title thing. The only other reason why Meghan even got a book deal is that she has a royal title. This has upset a lot of people, according to 9Honey. If she were a normal person, she would be rejected time and time again. This is how blogger, Jean Gasho has felt in her quest to become a published author. She has gotten so many rejections that she basically gave up.

This is how I felt when I have gotten rejection after rejection whenever I apply for a publishing job with any news outlet in Australia. I’m even flat out reject or I get no response to an application. It stings and it hurts. That is the whole reason I started Project Fangirl. I only just started to make money last year and it’s been a constant battle to write enough content to ensure the blog’s survival.

For celebrities, they don’t even have to try to get book deals or any other writing deal. It also doesn’t matter if their writing is any good.

The Bench

[Credit: Popsugar]

An excerpt of The Bench dropped yesterday and well, I was not impressed. I know it’s a children’s book, but the idea is not original. Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson has a better imagination for her own range of children’s books. Also, Meghan doesn’t know what a bond between father and son. She treats her father like he’s dead to her and she’s torn Harry away from Charles.

I grew up reading The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, and the Spot books. Also, Meghan isn’t being inclusive. What about single-parent families where a child is being raised by one parent? How about same-sex couples with kids? White couples? Black couples? Foster families? Other biracial families? Adoptive families? Also, Markle doesn’t know the true definition of ‘family’.

She dropped her entire family, both the Raglands and the Markles because they were no longer of any use to her. The only person that attended the royal wedding that was related to Meghan is her mother, Doria. She looked so alone there on her own. Thank god for Prince Charles being kind enough to walk with her alongside Camilla. You don’t hear anything about Meghan’s niece, Ashleigh who was her go-to for legal lingo when she was on Suits. If Meghan cared about her, she would’ve been invited.

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