Why This Software Entrepreneur Says Being Happy Is His Superpower

As founder, chairman, and CEO of Sprinklr, Ragy Thomas has been instrumental in leading the firm from a seedling of an idea to a multibillion-dollar SaaS company. So what are his keys to success? Thomas will tell you it’s not enough to be a technology visionary. In order to change the landscape of digital marketing and customer service, and become a top enterprise software company, you’ve got to have the leadership skills to match your big ideas. On the September 16 episode of The Human Factor, a LinkedIn video series hosted by Eric Schurenberg, CEO of Inc.’s parent company, Mansueto Ventures, Thomas spoke about what makes a great leader and what could be the difference between being a manager and a CEO. 

Adjust Your Approach

First, Thomas insists that his approach to life, in general, is what often sets him apart, “We’re a village of seven billion people, and where you are is not what makes you happy or controls life, it’s how you approach it.” He says this big-picture, optimistic mindset positioned him on a path of improving the world around him because it enables him to recognize problematic patterns in customer care and devise potential solutions. Thomas’s forward-thinking mindset also has helped him embrace the fact that rapidly advancing technology opens new doors through which businesses and consumers can interact in a whole new way. By utilizing technological advances such as A.I. to sift through information and integrating multiple channels of communication into a unified platform, Thomas says, he’s been able to revolutionize customer care. 

Either Win or Learn

Thomas says he hates failure but loves the process of learning that comes after failure, adding that “either you’re winning or learning.” When confronted with the topics of success, failure, and the many risks involved in starting a business, Thomas says, “I’ve never asked myself, ‘Why me?’ I’ve always asked myself ‘Why not me?'” By building stronger connections, easier accessibility, and better customer-facing infrastructure, he believes that soon every company on the planet will want his product–which at its core is about developing and strengthening customer relationships by using all available data and channels.  

These days, Thomas’s job is less about the daily to-dos and more about setting goals and empowering others to be successful. He wants to put happiness at the core of what he does, not just with clients but with his own employees. When speaking about his employees, he says, “It’s important for me that you do well, and not just do great work.” He encourages his “Sprinklrites” to bring their whole selves to work, screaming toddler and affectionate puppy included.

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