Mike Pompeo says he is sending US Ambassador Kelly Kraft to the United Nations next week to show it to Taiwan


United Nations News According to information received by World News, China has given a strong warning to the US and has asked it to be ready to pay a heavy price. China’s reaction comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that he is sending US Ambassador Kelly Kraft to the United Nations next week to show Taiwan what free China can achieve.

China has strongly criticized this announcement and warned

According to information received by World News, the US will have to pay a heavy price for this step. Pompeo said on Thursday – Taiwan is a trusted partner and vibrant democracy. The CCP (Communist Party of China) tried to undermine its great achievements. Despite this he flourished. A spokesman for the Chinese mission to the United Nations said in a statement that his country strongly opposes the visit of Kraft. The statement said. There is only single China in the world and the Taiwan region is an integral part of China.

A Chinese spokesperson said – America will not succeed in trying to harm China’s main interests due to political maneuver on Taiwan issue

According to the information given to World News, he said – We want to remind America that he is playing with fire in which he himself will burn. It is worth mentioning that the US’s relationship with Taiwan is sweet due to the support of both major parties in the US Congress, but the desire of the administration of the current President Donald Trump has been to ignore the threat of China and create an alternative to the autocracy of the Communist Party of China.

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