You Oughta Know: Black-Owned Vintage Boutique, Merry Brwn Girl

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This article is for all the vintage clothing and blazer-lovers out there!! Merry Brwn Girl’s eclectic and gorgeous pieces, including multiple styles and patterns of blazers, immediately stood out from all the rest!

We’re always on the lookout for vintage resellers doing online boutiques right, and we were so impressed with this Black-Owned Vintage boutique, we had to write home about them!

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Vintage Everyday Brown Blazer – Merry Brwn Girl

All about Merry Brwn Girl – Black-Owned Vintage Boutique

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Carla La’Vette – Merry Brwn Girl

Merry Brwn Girl is a Black Womxn-Owned Vintage Boutique that was founded and is owned by Carla La’Vette from Jacksonville, Florida. About La’Vette,

As a young, black womxn, I have found that finding my own sense of style has helped navigate my way through this journey called life.

Carla La’Vette

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Vintage Tuxedo Top – Merry Brwn Girl

(La’Vette is also a self-described plant mom, which explains the absolutely THRIVING Monstera Deliciosa and Fiddle Leaf Fig featured in many of the product shots!)

Vintage: Where Luxury and Affordability Meet

“Normalizing luxury with affordability in our everyday lives is not only important to self care but also a form of expression through fashion.”

Carla La’Vette

Wearing unique and vintage clothing offers an escape into bold patterns and individuality that can be harder and harder to invest in outside of luxury designer brands.

Not to mention the industry-standard straight size offerings that alienate plus-size consumers from enjoying luxury designs.

Affordability is also key here, something Merry Brwn Girl identifies and prioritizes in their customers by offering pricing from $20-$90 USD for most items.

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Vintage Highwaist Camel Trousers – Merry Brwn Girl

Inclusive sizing and product listings – for all genders!

And what about sizes?

We found Merry Brwn Girl to be doing their absolute best – by offering model sizes, heights AND including a fit guide for each piece, stressing what the item may be labeled as regarding size and how it actually fits – real-time!

Now THAT is how you online vintage shop in a pandemic!

And a pro-tip for our other online vintage resellers – there’s absolutely NO need to include gender adjectives in your product listings.

A huge kudos to Merry Brwn Girl for listing vests, sweaters, pants, jackets, and blazers using entirely gender-neutral language – making this shop a great space for our nonbinary vintage-loving folks!

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Custom Vintage Highwaist Cutoff Shorts – Merry Brwn Girl

Being able to shop Vintage online has never been more important!

The time they take to purchase unique items, size, and price them while offering affordable prices and shipping online helps keep the vintage community thriving by investing time and money right back into the community when so many folks are unable to go out and shop in-person.

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Vintage Floral Blazer – Merry Brwn Girl

At a time when traditional garage and estate sales, vintage outdoor markets and thrift shops aren’t possible due to social distancing requirements, we need online vintage boutiques now more than ever.

Merry Brwn Girl, we see the effort and work you are doing to curate incredible selections of vintage sustainable luxury fashion products. We are so excited to see you continue to grow into 2021!

Follow Merry Brwn Girl on Instagram, and shop their online boutique here:

Do you love to shop vintage? Do you have a favorite Black-Owned Vintage boutique of your own? If you’re loving this vintage piece, be sure to check out our “Plus-Size Vintage and Thrift Stores to Bookmark and Shop Offline!”

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