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About Fuzzy Bunny

Hi, here's a few facts about me, things I'm frequently asked. If there's something you don't see answered, and for some reason you're curious to know, visit my guest book/bulletin board and ask away!

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Age: 39
Location: Eastern Seaboard, United States of America
Birthday: September 1961
Height: 5'8 "
Weight: 145
Hair: Dyed Black
Eyes: Green
Panty Size: 6-7
Dress Size: 12 US, 14 UK, Large (SkinTwo, DeMask)
Lost Virginity: age 18, to Raleigh White, a Midwestern body builder
First Time Masturbating: age 11-12 , drawing nude pictures of my Barbie dolls
Favorite Toy: Dr. Ruth's Eroscillator
Lesbian Experiences: I've had a few, but I didn't really enjoy them the way I had hoped. My mind wandered. I think I need to be topped by a very butch dyke, the ultimate gym teacher. Although I'm very attracted to bleached blond porno starlets when I wank, a really feminine or glam lady puts me off when I'm up close and really personal. WTF?
Turn Ons: Beautiful young men loving each other (the more kissing and stroking, the better!); being dominated, tied up; a good spanking; being treated like a very slutty girl; intelligence; travel; liberal politics; reading; beauty; latex clothing; thigh high boots; shiny high platform shoes; corsets; strap-ons
Turn Offs: Ignoramuses; people who don't listen; jingoism; conservatism; bad driving; selfishness; wastefulness; cruelty; misogyny; unimaginative sexual fantasies; fingers inside me when I'm not wet -- I looove a good tonguing though; men who ask me to shave my pussy; smoking or requests for it
Ambitions: To live in Amsterdam with my lover; to better my web design skills
Hobbies: Designing banners and web pages; reading; sleeping; travel
Home Town: Indianapolis, IN USA
Favorite Food: Spicy Chinese food
Favorite Drink: Microbrewed wheat beer; Samuel Adams; Shiraz; South African Cabernets
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Sexual Position: I love doggie style
Why the nick? Ah, good question, and I am starting to regret having chosen this nick. Initially, I thought there might be a bigger market for hair fetishists out there. I mean, I am quite silky fuzzy, after all... however, it doesn't seem that many hair fetishists find their way onto iFriends. Recently I learned there's already an adult site called FuzzyBunny. Who'd have thought?
Why do you do this? I like getting feedback. It's interesting to learn what about me turns someone on. I don't kid myself that I'm to everyone's taste, though. I think I'm an acquired taste, and to be quite frank, I don't expect to appeal to everyone. I'm not young, lithe, blond or tanned, for one thing. I'm pretty happy being who I am, and when I have an appreciative audience, I get really aroused, and I become very very sexy. On the other hand, if I'm not into something, it shows.
What do you do in a live show?

Anything your heart desires, as long as it's within iFriends guidelines. I will NOT smoke, squirt, pee, fist myself or shave. I WILL play alongside you, and even watch you if you have a camera and are a VIP member.

And let me tell you right away: if your favorite chathost is named after some part of the female anatomy, chances are we won't get along. I like to interact with my viewers, and get to know them, feel like we're having an actual experience. If it's close-ups of wet or squirting body parts you're looking to see, I'll be happy to recommend a chathost who does that kind of show. Don't get me wrong, you'll see plenty of close-ups in my shows too, if you ask, but my favorite viewers enjoy seeing ALL of me when I cum.

Is this free? No, sorry, there's a fee, and you have to be an iFriends member. Occasionally I'll do a free session, and sometimes I offer discounts on private sessions.
Do you do phone?

Yes, I offer free 800 service to US residents. Phone is offered on a first come, first serve basis, and is now available to all members, including gold. But be warned: If you abuse my phone by calling during offhours, you will lose your phone priviledges.

Can I get a discount? Sure, enter the code bunnyfun every session! (VIP members automatically receive this discount.)
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