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girl in latex, that's me!

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Check out my growing collection of latex fashions. These latex fetish fashions are a bitch to get into, but I love wearing them. If you'd like to enjoy me modeling them, please send me an email or book a private viewing! And hey, like any self-respecting modern cam girl, I've added a Wish List to my site. If you're a fan of FuzzyBunny, and a fan of fetishwear, take a look. The big ticket purchases will come with a personal video of me in your gift, just for you! How can you resist, lol? Quality latex ain't cheap, but there's just no substitute for it. If you'd like gift suggestions for your lover, please feel free to email me for recommendations and good sites. Don't buy a cheapo $40 latex dress -- it won't come close to the pleasure you'll get seeing your lover in a Polymorphe or SkinTwo, Marquis, or House of Harlot creation.

If you'd like to see me in something really gorgeous, consider visiting one of my favorite sites above and I can provide a shipping address. I wear a Large in House of Harlot, Marquis (XL in panties!), SkinTwo and Polymorphe creations. House of Whacks clothing is best in a Medium for me. Current items I dream about: The Heidi set from House of Harlot, a latex apron from Marquis, the nun's habit from House of Whacks, a red mistress dress from SkinTwo to replace the broken one below.

My Wish List!! Updated with sexy new ideas!

Items I Already Own:

My SkniTwon catsuit
My favorite! My latex catsuit.

Red Mistress
Red SkinTwo Mistress Dress, broken zipper. :-(

DeMask Basque
Basque from DeMask, worn with my latex opera gloves & boots from my wishlist.

House of Whacks Dress
New House of Whacks black and transparent dress.

Mistress Fuzzy
My SkinTwo Mistress Dress -- full length and skin tight

Favorite new dress, my evening gown from Polymorphe

Body Suit
SkinTwo zip front body suit

Cat Hood
Cat Mask and Mistress Dress. Mask is too small :-(

From my trip to Amsterdam
This gorgeous set is from DeMask

Cute evening dress, purchased from my wishlist

An early favorite
This is a classic SkinTwo halter dress

Amsterdam Rubber

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