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Miss Fuzzy Bunny's Favorite Links to Visit: Latex sites and personal sites and whatever I love

Fetish School
My dear friend Isabeau has spent hundreds of hours to bring you the last word in fetishism and valuable resources and knowledge. The result? A totally unique, charming and witty site packed full of artistic and sexy images of the web mistress herself, as well as a hopping forum and an almost limitless array of features such as honest reviews, essays and definitions.

Main site here

Alex Rubber has a new site, more along the lines of a fetish newsletter. The new site features essays, pictorals and a wonderful resource for latex professionals. Check out the cool new look and the excellent photos.

Main site here

Lust, Love, Latex
THE blog for latex lovers everywhere. My dear dear friend and inspiration, Mr 3XL has turned his personal exploration into latex fetishism into something much, much bigger he's opened up horizons for latex lovers new and experienced. Updated almost daily, it is well worth your visit.

Main site here

Bianca's Latex Lair
By far my favorite latex site, it is a constantly evolving work of art and love created by Martin Perreault and Bianca Beauchamp. Every month this duo surpasses themselves with their creative shoots and themes. Their forums are one of the first places I go every morning after waking up.

Main site here

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Jessica's Latex Doll House
My dear friend Jessica is a latex cam performer and webmaster/model from Brazil. Her brand new site is elegant, witty, and informative, like the lady herself.

Main site here

Commercial Fetish Theatre
Featuring Marquis Videos! Watch them now. (These are not free, but they're cool cool vids and not always so easy to find at your run of the mill porn video outlet.)

Click here to begin

Webmaster Resources

Try before you buy?
Want to chat up gorgeous folks all around the world? There's a new site out now called Incredicams, and you can chat and peek for free. What's more, you can listen in on chathosts as they entertain themselves and others, and never pay a dime after your initial signup of $1.

Click here to check it out (and remember, be nice!)

More Links of Sites I enjoy

I've included links to some more of my favorite spots online. Rest assured that any pay site I recommend is one I admire. I will never link to a paysite of anyone I don't like and respect!

Michael Harkavy (Boston based photographer who excels at live performance photos and tattooed young women like curvy goddess Astarte. You will recognize his work on my site.)

Sandy Ramirez (Based in Philadelphia, Sandy is working quite a lot these days on goth-fetish-fashion shoots and fineart photography.)

Torben Raun (Torben is a Danish photographer who has created some stunning images of many people, including me. His work is not to be missed.)

Sebastian Solo (A new friend from Copenhagen, Mr. Solo is a filmmaker and photographer who specializes in the fetish world. I look forward to collaborating with him on more projects!)

Communities for Rubberists & Pervs
Crazy Rubber & Friends (Support this amazing community of rubberists worldwide!)

Kinky B.I.T.C.H (I am intrigued by this party, and really want to hear more! In the meantime, here's a link to it so you can check it out. Looks cool, eh?)

Manifest Fetish Club (Copenhagen private fetish club where I try and go every month. Their Fetish Fashion summer parties are not to be missed!) (A huge site devoted to rubberism. It offers all kinds of information and encouragement for rubberists worldwide. Great knowledge base!)

Personal Sites
Darker Desires (This is the work of an Irish couple highly into catsuits and latex play. Lots of amazing Libidex and hood combos here, and best of all, it's free! Visit these dedicated rubberists today.)

A Thing for Rubber (Visit this beautiful site from a beautiful Swedish couple, Marcus and Susann, who I have had the pleasure of meeting. Utterly kinky, tasteful and unique free site chock full of stunning image sets taken by talented Susann.)

Fetish Models & Performers
3 Rubber Girls (What I have always admired so much about Lax and Melanie and the other girls is their sense of fun, and how much they enjoy what they're doing. Visit their infectiously fun and sexy site today!)

Astarte/Dragonbait (Well, it's not a site yet, but sign up for this rising young star's Yahoo group and get samples of her work. She's curvy, red-haired and heavily tattooed, and she appears with me in a very goofy photoseries debuting mid-October.)

The Ebony Corsetted Goddess (She's my favorite fetish person of late and all around cool person, the Ebony Corsetted Goddess. If you're lucky, you'll meet her in person at Kink in the Carribbean. If not, you can read her articles at 3XL's site, and get to know her at her Yahoo group and wait for her new site to be unveiled. She is the real deal!)

KumiMonster: Fetish & Bondage Model (Kumi hardly needs an introduction, she's practically a household name amongst rubberists and rope bondage fans. Her site is as witty as she is, and packed full of content.)

Latex Angelic (I am hoping to model for Angelic in the very near future and share some of our images in my pay section.)

Rubber Dollies (This site is like a who's who of fetish and alt models, all clad in nice shiny latex and lovingly photographed by the site's owners and wellknown fetish photographers the world over.)

Shiny Moniree (A shiny clothes fiend and friend from Austria who I've had the pleasure of shooting with and seeing now at 3 fetish Balls!)

Sway (A sweet up and coming fetish model I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. Exquisite free images!)

Ubergal (Quite simply one of the most unique and entertaining latex model sites I have seen! If you love the variety of my site, you are going to be hooked on this girl. She's another latex beauty from Montreal, where they seem to grow them in the cold climate, it would seem.)

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