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Yours truly in a latex catsuit playing with balloons

Words from the Bunny

Former members to my iFriends site, please accept my apologies for your canceled subscription.

iFriends has recently changed the focus of the web sites to LIVE video with their innovative Fan Clubs. I still believe in the concept, I really do, and I think if you're a regular iFriends video customer that you simply cannot go wrong with a membership to my fan club! Still, I also recognize that there are those of you out there who will never use the video option and simply prefer less live interaction. Why pay for live video options if you're never going to use them, right?

So, with that in mind, if you joined my iFriends site at a low yearly or quarterly rate, please email me with your subscriber nickname* and I will send you a log-in and the url of my new site.

In the meantime, my old iFriends site can still be accessed at and stay tuned for a brand new site, coming your way soon!

**Think you can email me with a fake username & get a free membership? Think again! I may look relatively youthful, but I wasn't born yesterday!

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