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Win with Geocities Sites
Create a g or pg-rated Geocities site and submit it to their member directories (you can do up to 3) such as Individual Webcams, Singles, Dating, etc. Here's one I did, which brings in click cash signups quite often. You can also check out ClickCash's top money makers, and emulate them as close as possible.

In order to REALLY maximize your exposure here (and the name of the game for Geocities sites is to get you lots of Click Cash signups -- promoting your actual members site is a bonus, but mainly you just see cheapskates here, so it's best to take the $$ and run. $15 a pop sure doesn't hurt, either, eh?) you should sign up for as many Yahoo! Clubs as you possibly can! Here's a good directory: http://dir.clubs.yahoo.com/Romance___Relationships/Singles/ Make sure you are logged in, then join as MANY clubs as you can (sign up at the really sick ones, too -- those have the most members, it's sad to say. Sign up at the lonely singles ones, sign up at all the sex-related and voyeur ones). Post your url in your opening message (the hornier you sound, the better), then also add it to the clubs' links section, and then post 3 or 4 photos in EVERY club, listing your Geocities URL.

Hang out in popular clubs' chat rooms during slow times on iFriends. Make sure to write as many sexy things in your profile as possible -- the name of the game is TEASE!

Voyeur Web
And finally, here's a good place to post pictures, as many as you can, and sexy stories: http://www.voyeurweb.com/main/Compet.html

My buddy Allcurves and her husband JP posted photos to Voyeur Web, and already she's had a couple year signups to her site, and some monthly signups too. You email the webmaster photos and a story, and they post the stuff. Then people post comments (some of them are rude, but you can report them) and ask about your web site. Then you can tell them the url, and you can also email the folks who leave their addresses. You could also submit other photos in the other 2 categories.

Here's AllCurves' page for an example: http://ww3.voyeurweb.com/main/fsc38/FS40507auj/index.html



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