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XWebManX (aka Randy) | Serendipity | FuzzyBunny

Serendipity's Advice
Although I am new at ifriends (whudda thunk). I can give a few promotion ideas for web sites, as that is something I do know. Specially the promotion aspects of sites. Your first target of traffic should by all means be search engines. Target your keywords to the audience that you belive will buy your memberships. Study them, check sites like search engine watch. There is plenty of information out there for those that look. You should really go after a specific target audience. With effort and hard work you can make it into the top 20. Search engines can take several months to "index" and "spider" your site, so get this done. Resubmit every month until you are listed, then submit with every major change or update.

Link trades are your next best friend I belive. Exchange links with sites that have simular traffic as yourself. This improves your chances of a sale. Trade with anyone and everyone. You can weed out the unproductive ones latter.
Build small "free" style sites that promote your paysite. Again post these in search engines. With a little creativity you can hit most of your target keywords this way.

Add your site, or sites to link lists, top lists, and other traffic suppliers. If you study how each work, you can figure out how best to use each.
Clubs like those on yahoo, and other places that allow "adult" material are a great source of additional traffic, and require very little work.

Utilize what you have. This can be your AOL profile, a geocities site (no naughty bits there), free web space your internet provider gives you. Personal ad sites, anywhere with eyes.

Joining some banner exchanges, and web rings will also bring you in more traffic. With banner exchanges check their rules, many you can place on more than one page getting you the most bang for your buck per surfer.

Buying traffic, or mailings through double opt in mailing lists also will bring you lots of traffic. This though can be costly. You can though buy traffic from many search engines with a sum of 50.00

If you sell video tapes, consider adding a plug to the tape. While your at it, make a special one just for auction. Go to ebays auction section, or yahoos, or any of the otherones that have an adult catagory. Auction the tape, have a few links to your site in the listing for screen captures, other tapes or merchandise. With a little thought this can get you alot of traffic, that you know has a credit card.

Think outside of the box and it gets clear.

People do join adult web sites all the time. Exspecially those with a real amateur who is the feature on the site. Interact with them, make them feel like they are part of it and they will not only buy, but stick around for some time. The numbers that join your site relate directly to the number of unique visitors you can throw at your site.

Click cash I am really new with. From what I understand is it is an affiliate program for ifriends. You get 15.00 per person that joins ifriends using your link. I have read that if the person that joined was never a customer of ifriends before, you will get 90% of all video sales revenue that the customer spends while watching you only. I also think you have a click cash account already. Just go to clickcash.com and use your screen name and password, it will give you the html code to place on your site.

I hope I got nothing wrong with that, like I said I am new here (few days) and that is what I have collected so far.



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